On Gossamer Wings

There is a space in between dreams and wakefulness. That moment in between breaths. In meditation, this is the sweet spot. This is where I believe the real magic happens. Where enchanted fairies frolic freely and sometimes cause mischief, but only of the most delicious kind.

There is something incredibly sacred about a woman photographing another woman. In this body of work, I am photographing women I know and love.

I am profoundly grateful for – and honored by – the trust that these women have placed in me, and their willingness to be so vulnerable. The exchange is heavenly. To show a sister how truly magnificent she is by depicting her in her full, luminous splendor – this is the greatest gift to me.

I have personally printed each one of these images, and am donating all of the profits to Sanctuary for Families – a New York City-based organization that aids and empowers survivors of domestic and gender violence. These survivors include women, transgender persons and children – many of whom are homeless and living in fear while fleeing from their perpetrators. During these unprecedented times, the need for these services has escalated to a heartbreaking level in New York City.

All images have been printed by Diana Frank. If you would like to purchase fine art archival prints from this series benefiting Sanctuary for Families, please visit the Art Shop.

On gossamer wings,
Diana Frank